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Me & My Job - John Coleman, managing director, ATT

Grow, 06 May 2011

John Coleman, managing director, ATT - image: HW
John Coleman, managing director, ATT - image: HW

- What's your typical day?

I get up at about seven and have breakfast with Sally and my two children - I try and take the kids to school if I'm working from the office. The day's work begins at nine, and consists of design, production, marketing, finance, legals and so on.

I finish around 6pm.

- What takes up your time?

At the moment it seems my time is eaten by marketing support for the Grass Group, (our European distributor) and CStrading (our North American distributor). I also seem to be spending way too much time with our lawyers.

- Do you get out of the office enough?

Actually yes, I do.

I probably need to try and spend more time at the office!

- What is the best part of your job?

Seeing something that you have been developing for some time coming off the production line and into the hands of a customer.

- And the worst?

Dealing with all our patents - it's a nightmare and hugely expensive!

What piece of kit can't you do without?

My Eddie Merkx 3, carbon fibre road bike, which I use to compete in triathlons.

- How do you wind down?

I like to head to the gym or spend time with Sally and the kids.

- What does the future hold for ATT?

We have several new technologies that we're working on at the moment, which bodes well for the future expansion of the company. However the continued global economy tribulations do temper our aspirations for growth a bit. We'll probably not see our industry back to where it should be for a number of years. But as a company we take a long-term view so it'll even itself out.

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