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  • Horticulture is where art, science, design and commerce meet – with challenging and rewarding careers no matter what your background or interests. (Credit: National Trust Picture Library – Paul Harris)
  • Parks and urban green spaces help cool temperatures, reduce wind speeds and absorb pollution and flood water.
  • Horticulture is creative, changes by the seasons and makes places interesting, vibrant and healthier.
  • A top-quality football pitch contains 150 – 200,000 leaf blades in every square metre. Every one of them needs skilled care and attention.
  • Nurturing a seed as it turns into a flower is watching a small miracle every day. Horticulture is full of magic and mystery.
  • 37 million people enjoy visiting and sitting under the 135,000 trees in London’s Royal Parks each year. All those trees need expert care and pruning.

East Durham College, Houghall Campus




Courses Offered

Horticulture (Full Time):

Level 1 Certificate in Practical Horticultural Skills
Level 2 Diploma in Horticulture
Level 3 Diploma in Horticulture (Landscape Design)

Arboriculture (Full Time):

Level 2 Diploma in Arboriculture
Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma/Diploma/Extended Diploma in Forestry and Arboriculture
Higher National Certificate/Diploma in Arboriculture (Urban Woodland Management)

Specialist Short Courses:

Horticulture - Turf Culture:

• Sports Area; Marking Out: Winter Pitches (2 days)
• Spring Maintenance of Fine Sports Turfs (1 day)
• Autumn Maintenance of Fine Sports Turf (1 day)
• Cricket Wicket Preparation and Maintenance (1 day)

Arboriculture & Forestry:

• Chainsaw Maintenance (CS Unit 30) (2 days)
• Tree Felling, Inc. Small Trees (CS Unit 31) (3 days)
• Advanced Tree Felling, Medium to Large Trees (CS Unit 32 & 33) (3 days)
• Basic Tree Climbing, Inc. Climb Trees and Perform Aerial Tree Rescue (CS Unit 38) (5 days)
• Operate the Chainsaw from a Rope with Harness (CS Unit 39) (3 days)
• Pole Pruning (CS Unit 48) (1 day)
• Advance Pruning and Dismantling (5 days)
• Tree Inspections (5 days)
• Trees and Buildings (5 days)
• Tree Surveys (5 days)
• Tree Decay Detection (3 days)

Estate Skills:

• Dry Stone Walling (3 days)
• Hedge Laying (5 days)
• Fence Erection (2 days)
• Hard Landscaping (2 days)
• Abrasive Wheels Regulations (1/2 day)

Pesticide Courses:

• Pesticide Regulations Appreciation Course for Managers/Officers (3 days)
• Safe Use of Pesticides (PA1) Foundation Module (1 day)
• Hand Held Applications (PA6) (1 day)
• Field Crop Sprayers (PA2) (2 days)
• 'Basis' Amenity Pest Management
• 'Basis' Storekeepers (2 days)

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