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  • Horticulture is where art, science, design and commerce meet – with challenging and rewarding careers no matter what your background or interests. (Credit: National Trust Picture Library – Paul Harris)
  • Parks and urban green spaces help cool temperatures, reduce wind speeds and absorb pollution and flood water.
  • Horticulture is creative, changes by the seasons and makes places interesting, vibrant and healthier.
  • A top-quality football pitch contains 150 – 200,000 leaf blades in every square metre. Every one of them needs skilled care and attention.
  • Nurturing a seed as it turns into a flower is watching a small miracle every day. Horticulture is full of magic and mystery.
  • 37 million people enjoy visiting and sitting under the 135,000 trees in London’s Royal Parks each year. All those trees need expert care and pruning.


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