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Me & My Job - James Avery, business development manager, PG Horticulture

Grow, 03 August 2012

James Avery, business development manager, PG Horticulture - image: PG Horticulture
James Avery, business development manager, PG Horticulture - image: PG Horticulture

- How did you get started in the industry? I started in the produce industry trading with the major multiples, which developed into project management delivering large and diverse projects in the convenience food sector. Redundancy provided the opportunity for a change of direction and I immediately enjoyed the challenge, variation and honesty of the growing community.

- What does your typical day involve? Every day is different but always involves working with customers ensuring that we deliver on promises. I have to be mindful of the day-to-day operational issues while planning for the medium to longer term.

- What takes up most of your time? Either talking to customers or planning to talk to customers. Good communication is important, so visiting customers and suppliers is vital for long-term relationship building.

- What is the best aspect of your job? Delivering against a promise, especially when a customer acknowledges that their trust in my judgement and honesty has added value to their business in some small way.

- And the worst? As a supplier, we have no control over those that supply us, which can be challenging. Some suppliers will often have different priorities that we must constantly influence.

- What piece of kit can you not do without? A laptop. Information in the right place at the right time is a powerful tool.

- How do you wind down after a hard day at work? A bottle of wine and good company are always very welcome, and walking the dog is therapeutic.

- What does the future hold? Service delivery should be high on most people's agenda as the growing community becomes more demanding of its key suppliers. I believe that there will also be more opportunities in the future for collaboration.

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